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Character Design

Safira & Co.

Character Designs for a Learning Platform for Children. 


Some Concepts for a English National Opera Shortfilm based loosely on the Opera Lulu by Alban Berg

 Tonatiuh Gods

Designs and Character Sheets for the Shortfilm "Tonatiuh" 2017 which is about an Aztec creation myth.

 Zuli & Co. 

Designs of a Group of Characters for an ongoing personal project based in Celtic Myths Ley Lines and Otherworlds. 

 Ix Chel

Designs for a Installation at the Royal Albert Hall 2016. The Character was 2D animated and screened walking across the Welcome Area advertising the Cirque du Soleil Shows.

 The Little Mermaid Book Illustrations

Illustrations for "The Little Mermaid" overworked Story.

Personal Work 

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