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Background Designs

Silence and her Roommate (Shortfilm)

Some of many Backgrounds produced for the Shortfilm "Silence and her Rommate" directed by Liam Harris.
Goal was to show passing time and loneliness in the main Characters Bedroom, and showing her mood with lighting and strong color palettes. The room iteslf gets each time more crowded and more unbarable to live in due the Characters circumstances. We finally see some improvement as soon as the problem between the characters is resolved. 


Concept Illustrations exploring how the World of Zuli and Co. could look like and the different Places they could visit. This concepts are part of a bigger personal Project I'm working on.

House Boat

House Boat interior Designs for a Learning Game Platform. 

Tonatiuh Backgrounds

Backgrounds for the Shortfilm "Tonatiuh" based on a Aztec Myth. 

Other Backgrounds 

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